(10/17/17) Grinds for the Day

You can’t fall if you don’t climb. But there’s no joy in living your whole life on the ground.
— Unknown
  1.  2 High Hang Squat Snatches + 1 Hang Squat Snatch, 60% 1RM

    Every 1 min for 10 mins.

  2. Tabata Row (calories)
    Rest 1 min
    Tabata Air Squat
    Rest 1 min
    Tabata Pull-up
    Rest 1 min
    Tabata Push-up
    Rest 1 min
    Tabata AbMat Sit-up

    The Tabata interval is 20 secs of work followed
    by 10 secs of rest for 8 intervals.
    Tabata score is the lowest reps performed in any of the intervals.

  3. + With a continuously running clock perform:
    1 Toes-to-bar in the first 1 min,
    2 Toes-to-bars in the second 1 min
    3 Toes-to-bars in the third 1 min
    Continuing this for as long as you are able.

Dakotah MankinComment