Brand Ambassador: Connor McDonald

A little over a year ago we decided to bring on athletes as Brand Ambassadors.  Connor McDonald was our first applicant, and this was his email to us about why he wanted/should be an ambassador for FM. Since this email (below), Connor has continued to improve, compete, and proves to be one of our biggest inspirations day in and day out.  He recently took First Place at BROmageddon in Beaumont, TX back in June of this year (2016) and his CrossFit Open performance was incredible.  Read up on this kind hearted, dedicated, and cool guy!::: 


Hey guys my name is Connor and I am a brand ambassador for Flex Mafia.

A little about myself: I finished my active duty tour in the United States Coast Guard where I served most of my tour stationed in Sitka, Alaska. Since getting out of the military I moved to Beaumont, and started going to school full time at Lamar University. I coach CrossFit at NorBeau CrossFit, and also do nutrition plans for many of our members and non members.When I am usually training or hanging out with my yellow lab puppy Mikko!
     I started doing CrossFit about a year ago when I was stationed in Michigan, and fell in love day one. Since then I have started taking my training more serious and have done a few competitions.At my first and only individual competition so far this past June, the WWFIT qualifier, I tied for second place, qualifying me for the "showcases" division at the WWFIT comp in January. Aside from that I have won a few local partner competitions. I am signed up to compete in the "Oktoberfest Obliteration"in Houston this month, and the "Kill Cliff Ragin Games" in Lafayette, LA in November which are both pretty big comps. I plan on entering a few other competitions this year before the Open comes around as well.   
     Coaching and competing in CrossFit has given me the opportunity to love what I do and spread my love for it to others. Making the CrossFit Regionals in the next two years is m y goal as an athlete, whether that be by team or individual. In the short year I have been doing CrossFit I have made great jumps in my overall fitness and will continue to do so. I grew up with a severely handicapped sister who I helped take care of, who was unable to do many everyday things we tend to take for granted. She recently passed away in April. She is a constant reminder to me to never quit or take anything for granted, and to enjoy life everyday and be thankful for the opportunities we have. 
      I would love to be one of your Flex Mafia brand ambassadors and represent your company. Since your company is located in Lubbock, it would be a great opportunity to spread Flew Mafia to other parts of the state. I am competing in Houston, Dallas, and Louisiana all in the next few months. I would love to have the opportunity to be apart of the Flex Mafia family and share it with others as well. Look forward to hearing back from you!