Made to Order - Screen Printing & Online Exclusives!

As we have dove into the world of screen printing our own shirts we have decided to do the majority of our items made to order. 

This means that we will always have your sign in a design that you want!!

The downfall to this new process is that the turn around time will not be nearly as quick as in the past. 

We will still carry most items in person at events but this will benefit you all if we don't carry your size whenever we are at an event and you are dying to have an FM shirt!

We are also offering a few items as "Online Exclusives" what this means is that we will NEVER carry them to events and can only be ordered online.    (This means - more booty short options, more men's shorts options, and we will soon carry zip up hoodies, and leggings!)

We hope you like these changes and keep looking as we bring more and more options your way!