The Why

When Flex Mafia came to be it was just a cool name.

There wasn't a cool story of how the name came to be. It just sounded fun and something that could be appealing and that's what stuck.

Having been around for 2 years now, Flex Mafia has its story. 

Flex Mafia - this bad ass fitness family that encourages, motivates, and aims to look damn good while training hard. 

This little brand wants to bring people together. We want you to feel proud to be wearing us. We want you to know that you have a family of people behind you -- on the best or worst training days. 

We have traveled around to so many comps trying to spread the word about us, added 30 new brand ambassadors, and have big goals to be at some of the bigger fitness events over the course of this next year. 

Be a part of this journey with us. Tag us in all of your fitness posts. Wear us. Wear us proudly. 


The Grinds.

We all know that there are countless competitors programs out there that people utilize. The Grinds is something that is near and dear to us personally. We know the masterminds behind this programming and support them fully on what they are doing, not only for our home gym but for any athlete out there (CrossFit, Olympic Lifters, or any athlete in general).  

The competitive programming is free. FREE. oh wait, did we say FREE?!? If you want to step up your game this is an easy resource to do so. 

If you need programming specifically tailored to your strengths and weaknesses they can provide that for you.  

All we know is that you won't regret following a fitness program. 


We can't wait to see where this journey takes us. We are excited to have you on this ride with us. We love each and every one of you who have faith in us.