Coming Soon - FM Exclusives

FM Exclusives: 

This is our newest endeavor and we are stoked about it.

What FM Exclusives is:

• Hand-Printed tees

• total quantity printed is 50 of each style. 

     - this means that once all 50 are gone they won't be printed again. So if you want one you can't hesitate. 

• each purchase of an FM Exclusive tee will go toward a charitable donation to a specific charity designated by Flex Mafia

• each tee shirt will have a custom label on it that shows its authenticity with "Flex Mafia 1/50" etc based on number of tee that you receive  


Flex Mafia owner, Kelsey, will be hand-printing each of these designs herself, and is excited for the opportunity to give back to charities through the FM Exclusives line.  



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