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One-on-one personal programming and coaching

There are so many things to be achieved through functional fitness- that's why we love it so much. Once you have mastered (or at least built more confidence) one weakness, it is likely another weakness will come to light. Same goes for finding and improving your strengths! 

With the help from our coaches, we can identify these strengths and weaknesses through individualized programming geared towards your desired goals. Whether that is regionals, beating your competition in the gym, getting a first Pull-up or Muscle-up, or just generally becoming more fit by having the focus of a veteran coach on your progress! 

For $80 per month you can attain a program that will do just that! Including video analysis, movement progressions, and advice on how to attack your workouts day in and day out. Competitive team programming is also available- pricing depending on depth of group. 

Join the team and lets start the grind!