Nutrition Coaching

3 of the Flex Mafia athletes do their own versions of nutrition coaching. If you're in need of a tune up on your nutrition, want to lose weight, or want to perform better in the gym then hit up one of these three guys!

david barnett - transformation.jpg

David Barnett- Macroholics

"Macroholics is a nutrition system built around your lifestyle.

Our primary purpose is to facilitate a sustainable program you can execute anywhere, always, and forever in order to achieve and maintain a healthy, lean physique."


Connor McDonald

"I work with all sorts of people whether their goal is body composition, performance, or overall health and longevity. I work with each client individually. Since everybody has a different lifestyle and set of goals, each person's prescription is different. I do a mixture of local and remote clients"


Colby Thomason - Manage My Macros

 "There is nothing better than the smile clients give you when it finally clicks when they lose the weight and gain the lean muscle they've been after.  It makes everything work it to know their life is forever changed for the better."