The Grinds

The Grinds is a program that has been developed by Dakotah Mankin, Dalton Mankin and Heather Shuttlesworth, and used by 100+ athletes at CrossFit Wild West. Because we have seen the significant progressions of these individuals first-hand, we are confident that the general program can get you to your desired goals as anathlete. We also offer a variety of individualized tracks (seen below) that will include programming geared towards the goals of that athlete. Whether you want to improve your 40 yard dash time, become more proficient in the Olympic lifts, or become a competitive athlete- we can get you there!

Keep grinding!

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Personalized programming

Every aspiring athlete has different strengths/weaknesses, wants/needs that need to be addressed in order to achieve certain goals. This is something that can be readily available to you with one-on-one personalized programming and coaching. 


Personalized Olympic Lifting programming

This track is for individuals who are wanting to have a focus in Olympic weightlifting. We offer a 3 day/week and a 4 day/week program with the design of these peaking towards desired weightlifting meets and/or weightlifting totals. 

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Sport-specific programming

This sport-specific track is for current athletes still participating in sports like baseball, basketball, football, track, etc. This will include speed and agility drills as well as strength work geared towards these sports. Team programming also available!